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Solar system simplified (HTML + LESS)

Summer has arrived. I can’t forget those summer nights at my village when I was young, looking at a bright night sky with a lot of glittering stars.

The infinite of the sky made me small, leaving my mind at a point I thought about anything and everything at the same time, braindead, stunned, relaxed.

I looked at a whole sky without paying attention to any specific star, seeing satellites crossing the sky in a “perfect” straight line. I loved those nights as much as I loved the universe although I don’t know as much I’d like about it.

I sometimes see Pale Blue Dot, a photo taken by a Voyager from 6 billion kms away. Have you ever thought how small we are? Everything you know, everybody you will ever meet, collapsed in just one small pixel lost in the infinity of everything. But have you ever thought about how great we are? A small planet taking a photograph of itself and sending it back from 6 billion kms away. Uf!

This is why I’ve coded a solar system simplified, just HTML and LESS. I’ve represented planets from our solar system in a very simple way, pixelated, and in a scale of 1px/3185kms. Our Home is just 2 pixels width, twice four times bigger than Pale Blue Dot.

  • hÁlvaro

    Amazing post!! I love it.
    I’m sorry but I have to discuss something. If you are considering Pale Blue Dot as one single pixel, then your Earth (of size 2by2) would not be twice bigger but 4 times bigger!! Isn’t it? Maybe I misunderstood something.

    Congrats on the web, BTW.

  • You’re right! Thanks for the typo and for your comments! I owe you a beer, coffee or whatever ?

  • Nice post, liked it. Do you know any webpage that has actually implemented a simple 3D like representation of the solar system consider like a basic minimalistic Google Earth ?

  • Have you ever considered how big we are compared to the quarks of different flavors that make us up ? See this video for “it’s all about our perspective” line of thought.

  • adgllorente

    That video is great! It makes us bigger and smaller with just a zoom…

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