Less Projects

CSS gears project

Since a few weeks ago I wanted to design a gear using only CSS. I wanted to use these gears in a future project but after finishing them, I think this is not going to be as easy as I expected ? As I have said, this is just a CSS gear, not Javascript, nothing else, just CSS […]


Avoid idling in Openshift with UptimeRobot

Yesterday I prepared a presentation for my coworkers comparing two PaaS services, Heroku and OpenShift, and now, an idea has come to my mind. If this is the first time you’ve heard about a PaaS I would tell you that a PaaS is a platform that abstracts you from all infrastructure needs to host an application […]


Is it 80 chars limit from the past?

In the project I’m working on there is a limit of 80 chars per line, in fact, in other personal projects I have, I also set a limit of 80 chars per line. 80 chars limit is one of the most used limit when programming, but why are we using this limit and no other? If […]

AngularJS Javascript

Clean code chaining $q promises

$q promises for angular are not only good for async tasks but an incredible way to write clean and readable code. Since a few months, I’ve decided to write my code in very small functions with its in/out parameters and its detailed documentation. Maybe you are not following the relation between $q promises and organizing […]


Hi! I’m back

Welcome to my blog! If you are here, you probably know me in person, but If you don’t, you should know that my name is Adrián, I’m currently working as a full stack JS developer at Telefónica I+D, I sometimes configure our CI system but I feel more comfortable developing in frontend. I’ve decided to […]