Backend Tutorials

Create a LAMP server using an AWS EC2 instance

In this article I’m going to show you how to easily create a LAMP server in an EC2 instance in Amazon AWS. You need an AWS account to follow this tutorial and don’t worry about the price of Amazon instances because we are going to use its free tier instance. Simplifying, a LAMP server is […]


Put yourself on internet with Jekyll, GitHub and Cloudflare

Having a website on internet is a very powerful tool, you can create a tech blog, like mine, a site with your curriculum vitae, a portfolio, whatever you want. Being on internet increases your visibility and let other people know who you are, what do you do, or other information you consider important. But if you dedicate […]

AngularJS Coding Tutorials

Build a secure API with Auth0, ExpressJS and AngularJs

Many modern projects separate the backend from the frontend user interface. The bakend usually handles incoming requests and responses with some information in JSON or XML. When you are working with an architecture like this, your API needs to be exposed in a secure way and here is where Auth0 will simplify your design. In […]